Abdullah Abdooli

Managing Director, Al Marjan Island, UAE

"India and the UAE have been partners in Trade, Commerce and Economic development for many decades and Ras Al Khaimah, an integral constituent of the UAE has strong, cordial relations with India. Basis this long standing relationship, we have India as a focal point on our radar to solicit investments into Al Marjan Island, our crown jewel, which will be mutually beneficial and take our partnership to new, higher levels." 

Stuart Leslie

International Sales & Marketing Director,Barratt London, London

“IREX has been fantastic. We have met a broad range of investors, brokers and everyone from the property industry in India. We have had a great insight into the Indian real estate industry. We are getting very good connections, very good business opportunities and we are excited about these opportunities”   


Reinuka Bhatia

Country Manager UAE, Leptos Estates, Cyprus

“It is our first time that we have participated here and I see a lot of flow of people coming in and talking about residency and investment which gives us a lot of positivity and I see a lot of quality people coming in here with a very healthy conversation and very healthy questions and answers that they are asking us. The event was very busy let us hope that we take some good business and go from here.”  

Mona Jalota

Founder & MD Krypton Global Investments

“We are inundated with customers so it has been a good experience so far. It has been very compactly and very well organised as usual I must say. One of our clients actually ran out of visiting cards so thats a very good sign for us.”  


Amir Khawaja

Director, Gambit Property, Australia

“It has been a good show and the experience has been amazing. We got a chance to meet and interact with a lot of local high net worth individuals looking to invest overseas.”  

Christian Numa

Director, Amity Property Group, Australia

“We have been pleasantly surprised with the type of people coming in to contact us. it has been great so far to meet a lot of new people and a lot of new contacts and now it is on us to continue and foster those relations to see what business we can get out of it. We obviously hope that these contacts would go a lot further and result in mutual business for us and our clients.”   


Anshul Gupta

Director, Augment Group, Australia

“It has been an amazing experience. We are a firm from Australia basically and this is our first event in Delhi. IREX is the best platform we could have ever looked for. We are getting enormous response from the clients”  

Tony Smith

Broker Associate, Homebuyer Advisor LLC, USA

“This has been the most wonderful experience of my life. IREX has been an eye opening and the attendees are well versed and I am incredibly impressed with the knowledge and everything that all the attendees have brought to this convention.”   


Gauri Khan

Gauri Khan Designs, India

“The globe-trotting Indian today lives in a boundary free world, living and working in all the seven continents. Long tenures overseas, both for pleasure and work, makes holiday homes in exotic destination a way of life. I very warmly welcome the second edition of IREX, the one platform to discover high quality residences across the globe.”  

Shishir Baijal

Chairman & Managing Director, Knight Frank, India

“Indian real estate buyers are looking for either a second home, or want a place to holiday in, or some buy because their children are studying abroad. Increasing globalization, comparable valuations overseas and investment considerations, are few factors that are driving them to buy such properties. IREX is the right platform which enables one to choose from the best international property options. It feels great to be associated as the Knowledge Partner with a platform of this kind.”  


Niall McLoughlin

Senior Vice President, DAMAC Properties, UAE

"IREX is a crucially important part of our marketing activities for the year where we will showcase a broad range of luxury living experiences."  

Ajay Midha

MRICS Director, Ray White, India

“Absolutely thrilled with the initiative, which in my opinion was a necessity to facilitate Indian investors to become more astute in considering investments in overseas real estate markets which are highly organized and as well as provide great returns on investments. A great platform and well timed and thought.”  


Ikky Khan

CEO, McMillan Hathaway, Australia

“What really stood out for me was the professionalism of the staff and the venue has been world class. I think, as a business, what we discovered is the quality of leads and the quantity of engagement that has been fantastic. Thank you IREX, it has been an absolute pleasure.”   

Raj Brar

Business Development Director, Korantina Homes, Cyprus

“IREX for me is a great platform because the organizers are taking ownership of the event. The people who are walking in are actually end users and have a clear idea of investments abroad. I believe this platform is right and fantastic.”   


Samir Chopra

Chairman & Founder, RE/MAX India

“I would like to thank IREX for staging such a great show. The convention was full of knowledge, a lot of empowerment and skill development. I would like to give the IREX team 10 on 10, in terms of hard work, the empathy they put up in the show together. I have been extremely satisfied; it’s been a gratifying experience to be here.”   

Ajit Wijesinghe

Director, Dusit Thani, Sri Lanka

“It’s one of the best property exhibitions I have been to. Lots of very interesting brokers and customers came in and we generated few sales. This has definitely been a good event; I would definitely come next year.”   


Marciano Birjmohun

Head of Sales Global, Angel Real Estate, Thailand

“This is the first time we have attended a property event in India, and I must say the amount of attention and reaction we got from the very first day was very positive. The IREX Investment Forum was definitely the plus point to this exhibition for both exhibitors and visitors to gain exposure. We generated many leads and we look forward to the next event in 2017.”  

Sunil Tulsiani

Founder, Private Investment Club, Canada

“I am totally blown away with the professionalism, the stall setup and the experience has been just unbelievable. The quality of people was great. They were exactly the type of people we wanted, affluent and knowledgeable and most importantly they wanted to invest outside India.”   


Maria Morris

Partner, Knight Frank, Middle East

“It is my fourth time in India and I absolutely love coming back every time. I think IREX is a great forum for everyone to come together and great for the people who visit.”  

Jonathan Duncan

International Sales Director for MENA, Berkeley Group, UK

“It has been very good. I think we have had a variety of clients that have come to the stand and have looked at us as an interesting investment opportunity. It is a combination of sales event, but on top of that it is a networking event, itís a brand presence and it is giving us a platform to be more aware about the Indian population and even they can understand who we are and our strengths as business. So I think itís absolutely perfect.”   


Stephen Sutorius

Head of Sales Global, Conrad Group, New Zealand

“IREX has been quite good for us. We are probably looking at a lot of interest coming out of the Mumbai market for us. We have had some interesting mix of walk-inís talking about New Zealand, the immigration process and our properties. The Indian investment market is growing very strongly. We have found especially in the last 12 months that the demand has come higher and higher.”  

Paarash Jung

International Sales Specialist, Siamese Asset, Thailand

“This has been our first time in Mumbai, infact India. When we searched on the internet and talk to our partners and few agencies who have already exhibited in India, they recommended IREX highly. We are looking forward for the Delhi show as well..”   


Antonis Pisharas

Overseas Business Development, Aristo Developers, Cyprus

“Last year we were in Delhi. It was a fantastic show and it is great to be here again in Mumbai. The reason we are here is because we see a rise in the interest of Indians to invest in Cyprus.”   


Hal Beals

Director Investor Relations, American Life, USA

“We came here over in this show with some high expectations and I think it is beyond our expectations. We have met potential contacts, customers and referrals here that we just didnít expect. Just being here and trying to establish the relationships on our own wouldnít have been possible in such a short period of time and having everything in one place made it so much more worth our time to come and we will definitely try to come back.”  

Oliver Liu

Marketing Executive, R&F Properties, China

“I think IREX is a great event. We think that it is a good opportunity for us to test the market and we can see it as a long term thing where all the international exhibitors get together and exchange their contact and build that strong connection.”   


Mohd Al Hazzaa

General Director, Emirates Industrial City, UAE

“Frankly speaking IREX was beyond expectations and to us it came as an eye opener. It is very interesting, and focuses on B2B as well. You find actual real estate investors, brokers, developers getting together at this platform which is very useful and interesting. It is a very effective exhibition.”  

Miz Herrera

Business Development Manager, Salboy, UK

“IREX exhibition has given us an opportunity to present not only the product but also Manchester city, to showcase. There is a lot of opportunity to capitalize and I am very pleased with the way this event has been organised. The turnout has been fantastic. We have had an unbelievable experience and to be honest we cannot wait to be back.”   


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