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CEO, Pinetree Real Estate, Dubai

“IREX is very good and I’m happy to participate and I think we did a good job. The show has been amazing and a good turnout. We are participating again 100% and I have already told the organizers to block my place in the next one.”


Vice President for CMB Swiss CO GmbH (“CMB Swiss Co”), USA

“It has always been great working with IREX, it’s a pleasure to be participating in the event. The kind of footfall that IREX is able to get I think its really rare especially after covid times.”


Director, Frank Salt Real Estate, Malta

“It’s the first time we are here and we are definitely going to be here a lot. The feedback was incredible, Malta has been very popular, especially now with Indian investors. The organization was exceptional and the feedback we had was absolutely great. Definitely we are already looking forward to the next one.”


Senior Associate, MA Advocates, Malta

“We have been pleasantly surprised. IREX has been very very busy, in fact we couldn’t keep up with the amount of clients we had. The conference was well attended which we enjoyed as well. The overall experience has been fantastic. We will definitely be attending future events.”


CEO & Co-founder, Amber Star Real Estate, Portugal

“This is our fourth time at IREX and second time in Mumbai. Actually we were surprised because you know this was the best edition, we are completely full of clients, we sent their contacts on the same day to our office in Portugal, many clients are coming to the show again and saying that they are very interested.”


AGG Luxury Homes, Cyprus

“Thank you so much for having us in Mumbai , we are very glad to be here. We met a lot of associates and potential clients and we were very happy to share information about Cyprus.
Definitely we are coming back.”


Harvey Law Group

“This is the first time we are participating and it was phenomenal. From our firms perspective we were looking at more B2C customers than B2B. At IREX I have observed that we have got more than 80% B2C clients. B2B has just been 20% and the quality has been really good to quite an extent. Its been a mix of top business entrepreneurs, co founders & professionals, so yes the experience has been fantastic. Definitely I’m quite excited and next one I believe is in October in Delhi so we will be participating.”


Business Director – India, Smart Homes Development, Greece

“Thank you very much for wonderful awesome experience. The arrangements were fantastic and I think the kind of social media marketing that you did you know is really pulling that crowd. I think yesterday there were over 500 plus people. The energy and the synergies have been awesome. I’m actually looking forward to participating along with you at the next Delhi & Dubai event.”


President, Interpolitan Money

“I think its been a great event, we weren’t expecting so many footfalls, being the only banking business at IREX , we kind of became the space between their aspirations and their journey so we just wanted to make sure that we are able to assist clients partners, and we are making quite a lot of progress in that space. We are going to be an active partner with IREX going forward.”


Business Development Director – India, U.S Immigration Fund, USA

“Its been an awesome experience at IREX Mumbai, 2023. Over the years the US immigration funds has taken a lot of pride in associating with IREX and the kind of clientele we meet at IREX. We have always been very loyal to IREX and extremely grateful for the kind of support we get and we look forward to being committed to this show, year after year.”


Sobha Realty, Dubai

“Really we have had a very good experience, even I was not expecting this one. We got a good client base and some very serious clients. At least yesterday we got around 6-7 serious clients and even from the morning we got around 2 serious clients along with lot of enquiries. Definitely participating every time.”


Director, Yield Investing, UK

“Incredibly interesting , its our first time in India and so much interest, very kind people. Definitely be back here next year for sure. IREX has really given us an opportunity to interact with clients we wouldn’t have been able to interact with. I’m a loyal supporter now so you’ll be seeing me next year. It’s tough to get rid of me now.”


Vazir Group

“The experience has been great, it was more than we had expected, clients were as per the requirements and I would recommend being here another time. Certainly would be here next time as well because it was a great exposure for us.”


Managing Lawyer, Sobirovs Law Firm, Canada

“We enjoy the first day and the second day was beyond our expectations. We have been talking to potential clients all over India and our first experience with IREX is very very positive. We intend to attend IREX events in the middle east and other regions around the world.”


Legal Consultant & Senior Corporate Counsel, WhinChester Corporate PowerHouse, Dominica

“I have been to IREX programs from past three years and I have no regret going to any of the IREX programs, this was one of the best I have had. It was well organised, well executed. IREX is doing a very very good job and I can recommend anybody who want to visit exhibition or conference on property to check IREX. We will be there next show as well We will follow IREX as well wherever they go”


Attorney & Managing Director – India, Donoso & Partners, USA & Canada

“Our experience has been phenomenal. Yesterday was a power packed session and I’m very happy how the audience turned out in great numbers. This is our 6th or 7th time and we are always going to come back to IREX. This is our favourite spot and we love the team of IREX for putting up such a great show.”


Founder & Director, Adventum Wealth, UK

“IREX has always been a fantastic platform where we have very loyally participated over the last 5-7 years. The panel discussion was extremely interesting with a lot of thought provocating ideas, people looking to move, looking to invest overseas. I think I well it was a very well moderated round and the turnout here has been fantastic as always.”


Global Sales, EB5 United, USA

“IREX has been great. There has been a lot of excitement, a lot of very active investors looking for different programs for different countries around the world. I think there has been a lot of demand for the EB5 program. Yes, we will be back , this is the second one we have attended but the first one we have sponsored and we will be back here at IREX in India.”


Managing Director, Houston EB5

“Its my third time with IREX.  We did two times virtually. It’s very well organized, very well mannered, very well arranged and we have been seeing a very quality leads. We have installed the booths on many other conferences. But what I am seeing here is that at IREX, we are getting a very quality lead. The people coming are very interested. IREX did a pretty good job in terms of marketing, advertising. I think they are qualifying the leads before they are inviting to attend the conference. I think they are providing a great platform for us and for an investor. They can come and they can explore the options for their alternative immigration status and can make their dreams true.”

João Vasco Frade

Co-Founder, The Golden Visa Portugal

“It’s the second time we are with IREX after India. This event is amazing. They provide everything that you can imagine for us even the lunch and very good clients and very good contacts for the future. I hope to have some success that we have in India.”

Bassel Babbili

Senior Investment Consultant & Founder of the Agency Department, Property Turkey Platform

“We’re thankful for giving us the chance for us to be here. We have really really enjoyed the time and the vibes of Dubai. We didn’t actually expect to have such a movement here, the place is small yet we have been able to find a lot of clients, it’s not just businesses, we expected to meet B2B partners here but actually we had a lot of direct clients instead of businesses, which was very good for us. We’re pretty much thanking you and thank you so much for the whole thing you’ve done.”

Ray Leary

CEO of the Fresh Start UK

“My name is Ray Leary. I’m the CEO of the Fresh Group.. The IREX event has been very good for Fresh. This is our second year here, and the fair sheet was very good. This year surpassed that. The quality of the attendees has been extremely good for us. Thank you very much.”


Managing Partner, Vardikos & Vardikos

“IREX is always a successful event for us. IREX organizes excellent event and the people and their referrals are always productive. Of course, I am keen to come for the future IREX events.”


Associate Director – Sales & Commercial, Nakheel, UAE

“As usual the experience has been fantastic. IREX is a good experience because we don’t only offer what we have in Dubai, we introduce what we have in Dubai, the new updates, the new masterplans coming up in the market.
IREX is a decent exhibition, where you can sit with the clients and have a chance to have chat with them and present your projects. It is better than the big exhibitions that is much more crowded. I find that the crowd here is medium level that gives you a chance to discuss and talk more.
We will come every year, Inshallah. ”

Brett Ashcroft - Green

Director of Asia Pacific Markets, US Immigration Fund

“Dubai as a market is very interesting and I was very impressed with the client base and would love to come back again, I think it was great. I love how the conference place was setup and the investors had no problem finding the venue so very busy, that’s what we like to see and everyone was here for migration purposes, that’s what we are looking for.”


CEO & Owner, Phoenix Business Advisory, Australia

“So far the experience has been great. There has been a wonderful crowd, I think over 1000 people have come to the event and I think that you guys should do a lot more of these because a lot more people are now looking to move overseas or expanding their business to other countries. So I am glad be a part of this organisation and glad to be here.
Absolutely in Dubai I will be present and every other event for IREX you can expect us to be present.”


CS Global Partners, Caribbean

“It has been quite busy, since IREX in Mumbai, we were a part of that as well and we are getting few clients from India as well who are looking for second citizenship and so many people who wants to invest in alternative citizenships. So we have had great time in IREX from past few years.
IREX is the best citizenship conclave that I have attended so far and there are so many potential clients and the atmosphere is indeed beautiful. ”


Country Head, Shuraa, Dubai

“The experience is good and it is going good. We are meeting investors, people who are looking to travel abroad, experience new citizenship, second passport and new business.
IREX is a great stage. More than B2B and B2C it is more about the association lets suppose with Portugal, EB5, and other guys who are around here.
Yes of course you will see me again. ”


Senior Relationship Manager, Premier Global Fiduciary Services, Dubai and Mauritius

“Thank so much for giving this opportunity again to us, I think it is the 3rd time that we are here. IREX I think is a wonderful association and wonderful organisation with a lot of people coming out here and a lot of people presenting their country and visa so we also get the opportunity to build relationships with another service provider so we can work together and also it is a second phase of business for us.
Yes sure. Of course will be there.”


Founder, Oxbridge Group, Australia & USA

“Hi Good morning. Yes this is my first IREX. It has been amazing. We have some great connections, great people that we have met. Quite relations have been built. My team here has been working extremely hard and there are some really some really good potential clients have come across. And the exhibitors are amazing too, so we have met them as well so has been a very good experience.
It is a phenomenal and an excellent idea. And IREX is not only in New Delhi but Mumbai and Dubai, so we are definitely going to Dubai. ”


 Managing Director, Davies & Associates, USA EB5

“There has been a lot of interest here.
So a lot of the investors are High Net Worth Individuals that we are meeting here looking to move their family a lot of the US, some to Europe, but mainly to United States is what we are seeing and a few business owners too who wants to expand their businesses abroad.
Thank you for another great event IREX. ”


International Sales Manager, Barratt London

“We have been very busy. So mainly we are seeing investor clients who are looking to invest in London properties.
IREX is the best property and immigration exhibition I have seen so far in my 15 years property career. Thank you very much for organising, the event is beautiful, the atmosphere is great and thank you for organising such a lovely event for us and inviting us to India.
Definitely next time for sure. ”


CEO, RIF Trust, Spain

“The experience has been amazing. Since yesterday it didn’t stop and extended here until 8pm last night with so many clients and so many interests. Second day is busy as well and it has been an amazing success for us, for the company.
IREX rocks and keep rocking.”


Spark Capital, Portugal

“Yes have been very busy and I have been completely solicited all the time and it is very hard to even talk to you so I can finally come to a conclusion that this has been an amazing event. We talk to so many agents, so many potential clients and I am sure that a lot of business is going to come out of this so I am very happy to have received your invitation and to have been present here today and yesterday. Very lovely to have met you guys. ”


Senior Director – India GCC and South East Asia, EB5 Affiliate Network, USA EB5

“It has been a very busy weekend. The experience has been great, we are participating for the 5th time now and its always been amazing participating with IREX.
We hope that you do more events and look forward to participating in every one of them.”


Managing Partner, Citizen Lane, Germany & Turkey

“My mouth is dried. I have really been busy today and really happy that everything is going well here. Thanks to the team of IREX and as you can see all around here, it is quite busy and our booth really busy today. So I am quite happy and glad.
We have met people from all ranges, quite wealthy clients have been here, mostly some entrepreneurs and we have solutions for them, some are looking for tax solutions, some want to expand their business opportunities in Germany and Austria and some others are just looking for Golden Visas and we will have solution for all of them.
Thanks lot IREX, great organisation and very happy. And we will absolutely participate again.”


Vertex Alliance, Malta

“Well we have been non stop that’s for sure both yesterday and today. I have had a very positive experience here at IREX conference.
We are meeting end clients and agents and intermediaries.
IREX, thank you very much, we have had a really enjoyable time and it has been very productive here. Thank you. ”


Managing Director, ATB Global Mobility Inc, Grenada

“Thank you for having us. So far the experience has been really good. We are so glad that we came. We got to meet a lot of people from all over India that seemed very interested in the Grenada Citizenship by Investment program.
I was very impressed with IREX. We have a lot of interesting people, I think it was very well organised and everybody has been very helpful.
There is a lot of interest in the Grenada Citizenship by investment program and particularly the E2 visa that we do have eligibility for so I think we are expecting to see some good movement with this. Yes definitely you will be seeing me again. Thank you for having us. ”


Legal Partner, Invest in Bulgaria, Bulgaria

“Well we had a great response. A lot of people are interested in our program. We expect to have even greater response in short terms. We were greatly surprised by the kind of response that we are having now. It is perfect, I don’t see any flaws, it is superb. ”


Associate Vice President, Arton Capital

“The experience with IREX has been great. It is a great one stop shop for people who are confused about whether they want Residency of either Portugal, Canada, Australia. I always feel this is great ground for people to interact one on one. Today I see a lot of families coming as well as many people from outside Mumbai. They connected with us before and set prior appointments. ”


Associate, Business Development, Vistra Malta

“We are very happy to be back and finally travel and meet people face to face. People felt really secure and safe to come to this event and I think that, that was a great thing for everyone both for the exhibitors and the attendees. There were a lot of very interested attendees and I think that the response for the event was very satisfactory.”


Business Development Manager, CS Global Partners, Caribbean

“We definitely had a good response and we are definitely interested to participate in more. Thank you so very much to IREX for all the hard work that you have done. I have personally been a part of your conclave couple of times. I definitely love the organisation and the audience that you bring and the atmosphere that you create in here.”


Corporate Counsel & Attorney at Law, Caribbean Commercial & IP Law Practitioners, Dominica

“Without a doubt, I have been to a number of conferences and exhibitions, promoting immigration, residency and citizenship program and this is the best I have been to. IREX was well organised, the presentation was good, they were in depth, the speakers were all good, knew their subjects. The organisation was good, they give you a good follow up and good preparation. The attendance was great. I closed a number of deals. It is the first time I have closed deals at an immigration conference where normally you get follow ups. But this one has been continuous, and a lot of interest, the people who come here are not for showcasing but they come here for the business.”


Investment Facilitation Directorate, Enterprise Greece

“We are very satisfied from our presence here. We are with five big Greek real estate companies and consulting companies. And everyone is very satisfied. We have already attended one IREX event in 2018 in New Delhi and so this is our first time in Mumbai and we believe that we are again going to bring real estate companies in the near future.”


Chief Executive, Vanuatu Investment Migration Bureau

“Well in one word, the experience has been great. It is our first experience of being here at IREX. I am happy to say I was recommended to come by a previous exhibitor who is here again this year and of all the events I have been to, I have to say that my experience has been the best. So I give all the credit to your team and organization and your marketing because clearly you are very effective in what you do and generating the traffic both the B2B and B2C market. We are pleased and I am sure we will be back here.”


Regional manager of Middle East and North Africa, Pafilia Property Developers

“IREX, we have been participating for the last three or four years, except the COVID period, IREX, for us, it’s really an excellent show. We have very good results from IREX in the previous year as well. And this year we experienced that the client are coming here, they’re coming directly for us and they want information in regard to the Cyprus permanent resident or the Greek permanent resident and we believe that the client coming here are targeted client and we really like it and we will participate in the other IREX events as well.”


Business Development Manager, Beyond Residence and Citizenship

“There were lot of potential clients and we find a lot of investors and partners so i think that the exhibition was very successful for us. Actually, we participate a lot in different conferences all over the world but i havent seen so many potential clients in other countries so we are very happy about this experience.”

Aisha Omar

Representative, Global Migrate

“IREX, I think we will be participating in future because it’s a perfect thing for us. And IREX gave us a lot of opportunities. We got a lot of clients. And then, yes, definitely we will be participating these kinds of events so we can grow our business.”

Ghulam Madni

CEO,  IMM Consult Legal Services

“Well, it has been a wonderful journey at IREX. The two days were very productive. We got plenty of enquiries, plenty of potential candidates who are very interested, very keen in migration. We got some investment in the potential candidates as well. So, it’s a pleasure being at IREX. And it was a wonderful event.”


Managing Director, NPI Group India, Thailand & Australia

“It has been good so far, got a few investors on Day 1 especially for our projects in Thailand and Australia.
IREX is a brilliant concept. The clients that we get are quality clients and they do have the willingness to buy but they also have the willingness to learn about every project and are quite keep to find out more before they make an informed decision. I hope so come back again.”


Co-Founder, CEIC/GNG, USA EB5

“Brilliant two days, met a lot of people, spoke to a lot of people, the energy is very high and it is a really good environment. Thank you so much. I have been very busy, all my energy is drained but I love it here.
You will see me again. ”


CEO & Founder, Genesis Real Estate, Dubai

“We have been one of the busiest stalls and we are very excited about it. We have been into the meetings since early morning today and yesterday as well.
We have had a lot of interest into Dubai real estate market, we have a lot of people interested to getting the golden visa, a lot of people who want to move to Dubai so they come to us and we direct them to the best opportunities in Dubai.
I think IREX is amazing, we not only connect with the people who want to move into Dubai but we also connect business to business so overall we are very happy to be here. ”


Senior Partner, Wallnut Homes, Malaysia

“It is first time in IREX for us and we are quite happy so far. There are genuine customers and partners to deal with and talk to. Happy so far that we have been taken care of so well by IREX guys. My entire team has been absolutely comfortable since the last two day. So, I look forward to participate again.”


Head – Sales, India, Strokes & Ground, Portugal

“The experience has been good. It has been a great footfall as you see. Yesterday was great and today we have got some interesting leads as well. Yesterday also, we had good footfall and good leads mostly B2B though, so its been good, overall it is nice.
So thank you IREX for this opportunity and it has been good. I think it is one of the greatest shows that I have seen in terms of immigration consultancy.”


Managing Director, Kimpton Kawana Bay

“Our experience has been fantastic. We have had a very good attendance, the atmosphere has been brilliant and generally it has been a professionally and a well run event. I think the fact that there is a lot of industry professionals here and there is a wide variety of global projects and real estate developments being presented and the high attendance and the educated level of attendance has been a stand out feature. We very much look forward to partnering with IREX at future events.”


International Sales Manager, Estia Developments

“We have made some very good connections here at IREX and we made some very good deals. We had the end customers as well as the broker firms that we will collaborate with. We are very happy that we came here to the IREX at Mumbai.”


Marketing Director, Venezis Real Estate

“I am very happy to be here because IREX has surprised me in what we can achieve and who we can meet here. We have got a lot of contacts where they really want to discover Mauritius.”


Managing Director, Grit Property Group

“We had lots of visitors and we have so many leads for Australian properties. I would really recommend IREX exhibition if anyone wants to tap the Indian market. I would definitely participate in the future exhibitions especially in New Delhi.”


Chairman – CEO, Alterra Worldwide

“We have done IREX in Delhi and we were really happy with the show in Delhi and we had decided to do Mumbai IREX. We are very happy we have good traffic, good leads and we will be back again. It’s the quality of the visitors which is very good for us.”


Director of sales & marketing, Mae Phim Property

“Last two days – basically nonstop talking with a lot of customers, a lot of good prospects and we are happy to be here. Everything is done professionally, so we are very happy. This is already our second event so why not the third one too.”


Managing Director, Step Global

“Its actually been a great experience at IREX this year. We have been non-stop meeting potential investors, people who want to immigrate and we literally did not have a second to sit down. So I would say that’s a good experience.”


Founder & Managing Director, Range Developments

“IREX has been a fantastic exhibition. It has far exceeded our expectations, there have been literally thousands of people here we have lost our voices by speaking to so many people and a fantastic conference at the same time. The platform is great for consumers because he has 30 booths he can visit and make an informed decision.”

Mehmet Fatih Kara

CEO & Owner, Alterra Worldwide

“Its been a phenomenal experience at IREX 2019. We have received alot of attention from the visitors and its been extremely busy. We are particularly very happy with how efficient the organization of the event is and how well the organizers have designed everything for our comfort and it’s the right platform for direct communication with the client.”

Matt Mahaney

Chief Legal Officer and Managing Director, PCEG, Invest America

“Its been a great event, we have had really good set of potential investors that visited our booth asking great questions. The panel discussion has been the best so far amongst all conferences we have attended. Its been a great experience for all of us. I think its great that IREX 2019 brings in so many countries so that people have many options to explore under one roof. Definitely we will be here again.”



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