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Options in Portugal: Get to know the PTGoldenVisa

March 10, 2023 | Admin | Blog

Tiago Camara

PTGoldenVisa is a one-stop shop service provider for the Portuguese Residency Permit by Investment Programme (also known as ‘Golden Visa’). The company acts as an integrated service provider for foreign investors in Portugal, runs with an outstanding 100 per cent approval rating in all applications submitted and has been recognized as the best service provider by the golden visa investors. PTGoldenVisa provides investors with the best and most profitable investments opportunities.
What differentiates the company from competitors is the focus. PTGoldenVisa is focused solely on the Portuguese programme, and are not promoting several countries and programmes. They assist clients for five years till they reach citizenship. They are a Portuguese team of experts in the market.
PTGoldenVisa provides a complete service to investors, starting from real estate investment solutions, consultancy on Golden Visa programme, assuring solutions for all legal steps, banking services, tax optimization and property management.
The company has offices in Portugal and Dubai, and several partnerships worldwide. PTGoldenVisa is managed by two experienced Portuguese entrepreneurs and has a team of forty Portuguese staff with local knowledge and networking ready to deliver. In our Dubai, PTGoldenVisa has a team that promotes the programme and supports clients on the documentation requested.

Benefits of Golden Visa Programme for Portugal

The Portuguese Golden Visa Programme targets high-profile non-European investors interested in having a backup plan for future generations. The programme allows investors and their family members to travel, work, live and study in the Schengen countries. After five years, based on the current Portuguese law of citizenship, one can also apply for Portuguese passport, which consistently ranks among the most powerful, granting visa-free access to more than 170 countries. The Portuguese Golden Visa keeps on being awarded the best available program to guarantee a safe backup plan to investors and family members. It is the only programme in Europe that allows investors and their families to get European citizenship in just five years without having to relocate (the only stipulation being that you have to be resident in the country for seven days per year).
The residence permit programme is a scheme that grants investors access to Portuguese residency through investment, starting at 280,000 EUR. In addition, once approved, residents immediately gain the use of Portugal’s public hospitals at no charge, as well as access to European universities and job markets. Thus, applying for a Portuguese golden visa brings a wealth of opportunities – from exciting business prospects to long-term plans for retirement and education and career for the next generation.

Process of Golden Visa Programme

PTGoldenVisa is able to onboard clients irrespective of location. The consultants of PTGoldenVisa will be able to guide investors in all steps, starting with opening bank account and enrolling them with a credible law firm in Portugal.
Once all steps are covered, clients will have an investement tour till they are comfortable about the property they want to purchase. Lawyers will be then responsible for applying for residency permits for investors and their family members with the authorities of local immigration office. After two months, all applicants will be pre-approved and will be obliged to visit Portugal for biometrics and fingerprints submission. After, four to six months approval will granted and cards will be issued and delivered to investor.
The team at PTGoldenVisa has done everything to tailor the services to the restrictions of the pandemic. Operating in offices in Portugal and Dubai, the company has adapted the structure to allow residency permit applications to be made remotely.
Investors just need to contact PTGoldenVisa team members through the email and they will guide on all required documents and steps. Even the investment selection has been simplified since they provide investors a location and financial analysis, supported with videos, photographs and virtual tours on the best available real estate projects in Portugal. Investors can download for free the PTGoldenVisa Ebook 2022 by accessing
Alternatively, clients allowed to travel to Portugal can inform the PTGoldenVisa team about their arrival dates and a member will pick them up at the airport, provide them full consultancy on a one-to-one meeting in Lisbon‘s office, visit the law firm and the bank in order to have all procedures done. The following days will be reserved for real estate tours based on clients‘ objectives of investment. Normally, one can visit six to eight properties every day in high-density areas and four to five in low-density ones.
The portuguese programme is very straightforward without any grey areas. The country does not exclude any nationality, religion or belief systems. If the investor is able to prove that the inverstment is not illegal or does not contravene laws in any ways and delivers the required documents, the approval is guaranteed.

Investment options

In Portugal, there are several options of investment in order to obtain a Golden Visa Residency Permit. However, investors have been more interested in Portuguese real estate due to the huge returns the market provides, both rental income and capital appreciation. For real estate, investors are required to make investments starting from €280,000. Alternatively, Golden Visa applicants can access the scheme through investment in a Portuguese Investment Fund with a minimum value of €500,000. PTGoldenVisa will provide a list of the best available funds for clients who qualify for the Golden Visa.
Real estate options starting from €280,000 obliges investors to select properties in low-density areas (less than 100 habitants per square km), with more than 30 years, and with a proof of refurbishment. If investors are more inclined for high-density areas or populated areas, the investments in properties with more than 30 years refurbished starts from €300,000. For new construction or lands, investments start at €400,000 in low-density areas and €500,000 in high-density areas.
From 1 January 2022 rules of the programme have changed and there are some geographical restrictions on the qualifying areas for real estate investments. Residential properties are available for investors only in the interior of Portugal and to its island territories. Therefore investing in popular cities such as Lisbon or Porto are possible only if the investment is in commercial/non-residential properties, like offices or shops.
At the same time, the new rules broaden the geographical availability to the interior of Portugal and to popular islands such as Madeira and Azores, where PTGoldenVisa has been offering several profitable projects that guarantee a title deed for investors and rental returns. These locations are now attracting local and international developers to build residential projects. The amazing historical villas of Portugal, filled with culture and traditions, are now being discovered by foreign investors.

Golden Visa Programme: Safe Backup Plan

The Covid-19 pandemic has, above all, brought instability and uncertainty to both the economy and our social lives. More than ever, people are reconsidering the future, and looking at golden visas as a way to safety and security.
These days an investment that guarantees a safe backup plan to investors and family members is a must have. Recent unfortunate events happening not just in Europe but worldwide are awakening a fear in many people about an unstable future. This has led to a higher demand than ever from clients for a second residency and citizenship. They have realized there is no time to waste in proceeding towards securing a better and a safe future for the loved ones.

Who Should Apply for the Golden Visa Programme

Global residency and citizenship are an increasingly important aspect of private and professional life of a new breed of global citizens. Diversification of both business and personal affairs through multiple residences or citizenships can deliver increased quality of life, mobility, security, educational options, and improved tax and estate planning capabilities. For individuals, having the flexibility of choosing where to live, providing a better quality of life for their families, access to better education, and a safe haven in times of political instability are the main reasons to consider the Golden Visa as an option.
The typical investor profile, looking for suitable solutions on residence permits and citizenship are wealthy individuals – expats, or business owners, currently living in the Middle East, Asia or Africa. These investors are able to secure the future of their next generations normally through a real estate investment in countries that provides them residency permit cards and, in some specific programs, even passports.
Some real examples can be identified as reasons for investors to consider residency programmes and citizenship by investment: citizens holding passports that do not allow unfettered travel, or permit work in different countries; citizens who are discriminated against because their country is in conflict with others; citizens trying to go out of a country that all of a sudden starts facing social and political instability; citizens looking for better quality of life for their families, wishing to access countries with high-quality education, social security and health system; investors looking for better tax efficiency on their incomes and pensions; last but not the least, citizens who have moved out of their countries at early age, created their businesses and raised families, but have to move out when reaching retirement age.
There are several programmes for residency and citizenship available on the market. Investors have to consider their objectives and accordingly choose the best option for them and their families. Portuguese Golden Visa programme is the fastest amongst all to the EU passport whilst no relocation is necessary. This is the most attractive benefit from this programme that only Portugal is able to offer due to the law of citizenship they have in place for more than twenty-two years.


Book a meeting with PTGoldenVisa by emailing us at and get to know the best investment options in Portugal to qualify you and your family for the Portuguese Residency Permit and Citizenship.

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