Leena Motwani

Associate Vice President, Arton Capital

“The experience with IREX has been great. It is a great one stop shop for people who are confused about whether they want Residency of either Portugal, Canada, Australia. I always feel this is great ground for people to interact one on one. Today I see a lot of families coming as well as many people from outside Mumbai. They connected with us before and set prior appointments. ”   


Rajanya Ravasia

Founder & Director, Adventum Group, UK

“IREX has been one of our favourite platforms to expose and create exposure for our brands and offerings here in India. We have been participating over several years at every single event that you have had, both here in Mumbai and Delhi. India happens to be one of our largest markets for our clients who are looking to diversify and use our service offerings whether it is for banking or real estate investments in the UK and it is always a pleasure to be here.”  

Seewraj Nundlall

Counsellor (Investment & Trade), Economic Development Board Mauritius

“First of all I would like to thank the organisers of IREX because this is my second participation at IREX and it has been so far for the second day has been excellent, I would say in terms of visitors, quality of visitors coming. The number queries that we have been receiving have been very good and encouraging. ”   


Karim Elsayyad

Associate Director – Sales, Nakheel, UAE

“The experience has definitely been so interesting. Every time we come to Mumbai, we find interesting experience and it develops by time. IREX is a nice opportunity to meet clients as well as partners. We will definitely be coming back every year, every chance. Thank you.”  

Tiago Camara

Co-founder, PT Golden Visa, Portugal

“IREX Mumbai 2022, has been a great experience for PT Golden Visa. In fact we are seeing more demand than ever in the Indian market, so we are happy to support the clients in Portugal, to apply for the residency permit of Portugal and after 5 years for the citizenship of Portugal. Thank you very much”   


Jeff DeCicco

Managing Director and Global Head of Business Development, Golden Gate Global, USA EB5

“The experience has been great so far. We have met a lot of investors interested in moving to the US as well as plenty of channel partners and other industry professionals. We will absolutely be coming back to IREX. Thank you.”  

Shaeen Samath

Head of Sales, Grit Property Group, Australia

“The experience was great. It is absolutely amazing here, the crowd is just flocking in and coming in every second. Sometimes it takes your breath away and you cannot keep up but it is a good problem to have. A lot of people means a lot of people to help and we are absolutely enjoying it. ”   


Sam Silverman

Managing Partner, EB5 Affiliate Network, USA EB5

“This is out first time at the IREX event and we are very impressed with the professionalism and the overall structure of the event. We have met with many clients, who visited us from around India and we are looking forward to join future IREX events in Dubai and Lagos, Nigeria.”  

Pedro Moreira

Consultant, Remax Universal, Portugal

“The experience of IREX has been extremely extremely positive. We are getting a lot clients and people willing to make partnerships with us and clients to do citizenship through real estate investments. So it has been very good. We will be back for sure. Thank you.”   


Asif Chhipa

Managing Director – India, Pakistan & Middle East, First Pathway Partners, USA EB5

“It has always been a great experience whether it is Dubai or Mumbai whatever. I think one thing that I can tell about IREX with perfect confidence that whenever we have attended the event the kind of direct investors enquiry, we have never ever seen that sort of traffic, so the entire credit goes to IREX team and management the way they have promoted the program. We can have direct interaction with direct investors rather than talking to some middle associates. So, it has always been a pleasure and we are proud to be a part of the event.”  

Shiv Narisimlu

Senior Relationship Manager, Premier Global Fiduciary Services DMCC, Dubai

“IREX is a great initiative from the organiser. I think we met a lot of people here had great connections and lot of potential business and we are very happy and I think we will be there at the next IREX conclave so this a great experience for us here and I think we will get a great number of businesses from this experience. ”   


Oleg Railean

CEO & Co-founder, Amber Star Real Estate, Portugal

“IREX in Mumbai we feel like IREX at home. We see a lot of people, we meet a lot of clients and partners. It was very important for us like it is our first time to meet some partners and to do our best to work with these partners. So we are very happy to come to Mumbai and to participate in this exhibition. For sure we will come again.”  

Matt Hogan

VP of Project Development, CMB Regional Centers, USA EB5

“The experience has been absolutely fantastic. You know every year we come and IREX gets better every time. The event is well organised, there are great attendees, we have great conversations and we look forward to it each time. We will be here for the next edition as well. Thank you.”   


Mark Davies

Managing Partner, Davies & Associates, USA EB5

“I am actually surprised as how vibrant India is at the moment and the level of interest of people in doing business abroad, expanding abroad and investing in visa programs. And you can see that here at IREX with the number of attendees and the level of interest in different programs.”  

Abhinav Lohia

Director, Golden Gate Global, USA EB5

“Its been great being here. I have been involved with IREX for 3+ years. I have attended Dubai conference and now I am in Mumbai and I hope to continue to do this. It is really exciting being here, the energy is amazing. 100% I will be back.”   


Aarushi Gupta

Attorney, Donoso & Partners, USA & Canada

“I think firstly I am very thankful to the organisers for giving us an opportunity. It was a great experience. We have had action packed days both yesterday and today. Met lots of people, interesting stories and looking forward to helping them. It is our 5th edition with IREX and we will do it again. ”  

Stephen Isidore

Corporate Counsel & Attorney at Law, CCILP, Dominica

“I think the conference was well planned, well executed and what is interesting is the number of agents as well as number of clients who are interested in the program that visited. For the two days we constantly met both agents and clients. And I feel that IREX has done a very good job not only in the organisation, in the support that you get before attending the conference, during the conference and more so for getting the clients and agents who come to attend the conference. I am quite impressed with IREX for that kind of service that they have done. So they have done some serious marketing. ”   


Fernando Madeira

Director, Way to Portugal, Portugal

“This experience has been amazing. The show has exceeded all our expectations. We are having a great time here doing a lot connections and meeting a lot of people that for sure will increase our business. It is really a huge experience and we are thankful for that. We will be 1st line for the next episode of really great show. ”  

Deepanshu Choudhry

Licensed Lawyer and Head of Legal, Step Global Group, Dubai

“Well like always it is really overwhelming. We got to meet a lot of clients here, lots of potential leads. And it is really interesting to meet people from different backgrounds. We really enjoyed it and we will again continue taking part in this. Most of the people are professionals, entrepreneurs themselves and they are actually the serious clients, they know what they want and what they are aiming for. We will come back. Thank you.”   


Reza Rahbaran

President, Motcomb, USA EB5

“Thank you for having me. It has been a pleasure to be here in Mumbai. We have always had many Indian investors and I wanted to really come and have a look, meet with them in person, meet with our agents and our friends over here. IREX has been wonderful, it has been a great experience and I am looking forward to coming back again. ”  

Shuaib Salam

Sales Manager, Venice Properties, Dubai

“The experience has been amazing. I have been to a lot of roadshows but the kind of response I have been getting over here it is definitely worthwhile. So it is very good. We are meeting definitely potential people, the kind of marketing that was done, we did meet a lot of right people that fit our business so it is definitely worth it. The last two days have been extremely busy. I barely have a minute to get up you know. We will 100% come back to IREX.”   


Lakhsha Ragoonundun

Business Development Manager, Premier Financial Services Limited, Mauritius

“Frankly speaking, I really like it here. I see that next year they will be in Mumbai an another event and we are planning to go there as well. So it was a very good experience. We are getting a lot of interest for Mauritius which is a good thing for us.”   


Dr. Clarence Busuttil

Partner, Busuttil & Millo Advocates

“We came here with good expectations, particularly because we found the organizers to be very efficient, prompt. Our emails were answered minutes when we sent a request. And I must say that we are pretty satisfied by the layout of the exhibition. We have had a number of acquires, interesting acquires I must say both on a B2C basis and B2B basis.”  

Dimitris Politis

Pafilia, Greece

“This event is one of the best events I have participated. It was a very smooth, the whole procedure, from the day we decided to come to the event.”   


Des Connolly

Legal and Financial Director, Vesada, Ireland

“The response was absolutely fantastic. We met probably 30-40 agents from different countries and maybe another 20 individuals so we got to follow them up over the next week. But we have already the made the decision that we will definitely be in Mumbai in March for the next conference. I highly recommend it. IREX Dubai is fantastically organised, really well run and the people that you are meeting are not just investors but actually agents that can bring more investors. So it has been really good. I have never done an IREX conference before, but I recommend it and will do it again.”  

Kiril Nyagolov

Legal Partner, Invest in Bulgaria, Bulgaria

“Well we had a great response. A lot of people are interested in our program. We expect to have even greater response in short terms. We were greatly surprised by the kind of response that we are having now. It is perfect, I don’t see any flaws, it is superb. ”   


Matt Hogan

Vice President of Project Development, CMB Regional Centers, USA-EB5

“The event has exceeded our expectations. They have done a great job organizing it and getting a lot of traffic to the event and specifically to our booth. Secondly, with the regional center program being lapsed, we were unsure if there would be a lot people that wanted to be able to come and discuss the EB5 program. But we have had a tremendous response, a lot of people are coming to our booth, keen to learn about our projects even asking questions about the program and when it will be re-authorised. We have been doing events with IREX for several years. They have picked the right venue, they have sized the event perfectly and they have certainly promoted it, the people that we have been able to speak with have been fantastic. I think it has been a pleasurable event for the attendees and has certainly been a great event for the exhibitors and the speakers.”  

Charlotte Brun

Associate, Business Development, Vistra Malta

“We are very happy to be back and finally travel and meet people face to face. People felt really secure and safe to come to this event and I think that, that was a great thing for everyone both for the exhibitors and the attendees. There were a lot of very interested attendees and I think that the response for the event was very satisfactory.”   


David Machado

Co-Founder, PT Golden Visa, Portugal

“The response has been pretty nice, I mean we have been here receiving people from different places all the time, quite bust to be honest. IREX in Dubai, not only covers the people which are in Dubai but covers the people that come from different jurisdictions in Asia, people which have difficulties to travel or where we have difficulty to go these days. So this is a great opportunity to connect. The experience has been pretty nice, it is not the first time that we have participated in IREX, we repeat after each year and we are pretty much happy to come here again.”  

Asif Chhipa

Senior Managing Director, India, Pakistan and Middle East, First Pathway Partners, USA-EB5

“IREX has done a remarkably fantastic job. The biggest difference that I would like to mention and I would like to appreciate about IREX is that usually in these events there are more of associations and brokers, and the people who are connecting between the direct investment and the firm. In this particular event the number of direct investors’ approach was phenomenal, its beautiful and that’s what exactly any particular regional center is looking at. The kind of management that IREX has provided, they have done a wonderful and fantastic job. ”   


IngaValerie Wellings

Business Development Manager, CS Global Partners, Caribbean

“We definitely had a good response and we are definitely interested to participate in more. Thank you so very much to IREX for all the hard work that you have done. I have personally been a part of your conclave couple of times. I definitely love the organisation and the audience that you bring and the atmosphere that you create in here.”  

Kathy Brennan

Fresh Start UK, United Kingdom

“It is a very well run event and there is a nice diversity of clients that came in. It is a very good quality event, nice venue, well organised and there has been a nice mix of nationalities and interest as well of the customers.”   


Stephen Isidore

Corporate Counsel & Attorney at Law, Caribbean Commercial & IP Law Practitioners, Dominica

“Without a doubt, I have been to a number of conferences and exhibitions, promoting immigration, residency and citizenship program and this is the best I have been to. IREX was well organised, the presentation was good, they were in depth, the speakers were all good, knew their subjects. The organisation was good, they give you a good follow up and good preparation. The attendance was great. I closed a number of deals. It is the first time I have closed deals at an immigration conference where normally you get follow ups. But this one has been continuous, and a lot of interest, the people who come here are not for showcasing but they come here for the business.”  

Ismini Zoirou

Investment Facilitation Directorate, Enterprise Greece

“We are very satisfied from our presence here. We are with five big Greek real estate companies and consulting companies. And everyone is very satisfied. We have already attended one IREX event in 2018 in New Delhi and so this is our first time in Mumbai and we believe that we are again going to bring real estate companies in the near future.”   


Inga Valerie Wellings

Business Development Manager, CS Global Partners

“This is very well organised event with a very busy schedule and we are happy to be here and looking forward to come back to India, this growing market and all the opportunities it holds for us.”  

Matt Hogan

Vice President of Project Development, CMB Regional Centers

“It has been absolutely fantastic. IREX has been everything we could have expected it to be and more. The panel discussions yesterday were fantastic, the leads that we are getting at our booth have been great. We have had a lot of traffic and it has been very busy. So it has been a great experience. We do anticipate to attend the future IREX events. We have had a lot of traffic, we have had a lot of great leads and so I think it will be worth while to be a part of the IREX events in the future.”  


James Elcocke-Harris

Chief Executive, Vanuatu Investment Migration Bureau

“Well in one word, the experience has been great. It is our first experience of being here at IREX. I am happy to say I was recommended to come by a previous exhibitor who is here again this year and of all the events I have been to, I have to say that my experience has been the best. So I give all the credit to your team and organization and your marketing because clearly you are very effective in what you do and generating the traffic both the B2B and B2C market. We are pleased and I am sure we will be back here.”  

Thomas Henry Scott

Managing Director, Kimpton Kawana Bay

“Our experience has been fantastic. We have had a very good attendance, the atmosphere has been brilliant and generally it has been a professionally and a well run event. I think the fact that there is a lot of industry professionals here and there is a wide variety of global projects and real estate developments being presented and the high attendance and the educated level of attendance has been a stand out feature. We very much look forward to partnering with IREX at future events.”   


Chris Evangelou

International Sales Manager, Estia Developments

“We have made some very good connections here at IREX and we made some very good deals. We had the end customers as well as the broker firms that we will collaborate with. We are very happy that we came here to the IREX at Mumbai.”  

Christos Vardikos

Managing Partner, Vardikos & Vardikos

“IREX is always a successful event for us. IREX organizes excellent event and the people and their referrals are always productive. Of course, I am keen to come for the future IREX events.”   


Apostolos Papapostolou

International Investment Director, D&A INVEST Worldwide Investment Services

“Good quality of people coming here very good quality of exhibitors and let us hope so that this will end up with very good new collaborations with the Indian people and companies. What makes IREX 2020 special is the big participation of people coming to visit the event and secondly, we see a high quality of investors. We see people that come to make investments and they know what they want and they are ready to proceed.”  

Ekaterina Isaeva

Business Development Manager, Beyond Residence and Citizenship

“There were lot of potential clients and we find a lot of investors and partners so i think that the exhibition was very successful for us. Actually, we participate a lot in different conferences all over the world but i havent seen so many potential clients in other countries so we are very happy about this experience.”  


Sylvain L Meyepa

Marketing Director, Venezis Real Estate

"I am very happy to be here because IREX has surprised me in what we can achieve and who we can meet here. We have got a lot of contacts where they really want to discover Mauritius."

Ignacio Donoso

Founder and Managing Attorney, Donoso & Partners, LLC

“IREX was an exciting event. We had many people asking us questions and the questions that they asked were very informed. I personally found the IREX event to be very helpful at meeting highly qualified candidates for successful immigration to Canada and the united states and we look forward to participate again in future IREX events.”  


Navin De Silva

Managing Director, Grit Property Group

“We had lots of visitors and we have so many leads for Australian properties. I would really recommend IREX exhibition if anyone wants to tap the Indian market. I would definitely participate in the future exhibitions especially in New Delhi.”   

Mike Sarimsakci

Chairman – CEO, Alterra Worldwide

“We have done IREX in Delhi and we were really happy with the show in Delhi and we had decided to do Mumbai IREX. We are very happy we have good traffic, good leads and we will be back again. It’s the quality of the visitors which is very good for us.”   


Varun Singh

Managing Director, Xiphias Immigration Pvt Ltd.

“IREX 2020 is fabulous, it’s fantastic. We have come across a very good client base and we are happy that we can meet very good clients with very genuine requirements. This is our second time we are participating in IREX in Mumbai, first was in Delhi. We will be continuing our relationship with IREX for a long term.”   

Peter Moccia

Regional Business Director, Lennar

“It has been very good. We have been able to meet with a lot of potential investors and potential partners as well. We have been able to talk to the whole spectrum of people who are looking to purchase homes in the US as well as the channel partners who are looking to partner with developers from all over the world. So it has been great. We would absolutely love to attend the future IREX events.”   


Gene King

Senior Managing Director, Invest America

“My first trip to India, my first to Mumbai and the organisers are doing a great job with this conference. What stands out is the incredible integrity and the intelligence of the people that have attended this conference. I would like to come for the future IREX events. Going to Delhi and can’t wait to be there.”  

Pratul Jain

Director – Strategy, StrikinGold – Quadrantis

“Our experience in IREX 2020 has been very good. One thing that stands out is the kind of turnout we have had in last two days, right mix of clients and channel partners. Definitely we would like to come back and do more events with IREX.”   


Aman Singh

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City, District One

“In one word I would say its WOW. We never expected this kind of gathering. It’s an amazing experience and the best part is the quality of the people coming in, they are aware of what is happening in the market.”  

Pasi Marjamaki

Director of sales & marketing, Mae Phim Property

“Last two days - basically nonstop talking with a lot of customers, a lot of good prospects and we are happy to be here. Everything is done professionally, so we are very happy. This is already our second event so why not the third one too.”   


Blake Harrison

Manager, Oasis Land Development Ltd.

"My experience at IREX 20 has been absolutely brilliant. It’s a great atmosphere, there are a lot of great investors, buyers, agents and it has been absolutely fantastic. There is a lot of variety of interests here, there is a lot of clientele, it has a really buzzing atmosphere, infact there is a lot more people than I expected. The set-up has been great. It was a smooth process from start to finish. The layout of the halls, everything has been well organised. I have already been looking to attend the event in November." 

Nickolaos Tsatsis

Property Consultant, Plasis Real Estate and Development

“It is our first time in IREX. We have met a lot of people, made a lot of connections, the visitors are very interested. I have had a very good experience from India in general and from IREX.For sure we will attend again because it is very well organised and everything was as expected and even better than expected. We have had a lot of visitors and definitely we will come back. Well done IREX team.”   


Viktor Stavropoulos

Director, Smart Homes Development

"I attend IREX last year and it was a very good experience but this year the event is bigger and the quality of crowd is even better than last year. Very I didn’t expect this kind of attendance and this is our first time here and we will definitely come again to the next exhibitions and we are happy participating here. A lot of people are coming from all around India and also outside India. So we can find people from everywhere." 

Sandhya Kapoor

Director, Active Avenues

“It’s my first time participating in IREX and it’s been a good experience. I can see that the expo is drawing the people who are seriously considering residency and citizenship programs or real estate. IREX combines two platforms - real estate as well as residency and citizenship programs, so it has a wider appeal and investors can come and look at both options in one place.”   


Preeya Malik

Managing Director, Step Global

"Its actually been a great experience at IREX this year. We have been non-stop meeting potential investors, people who want to immigrate and we literally did not have a second to sit down. So I would say that’s a good experience." 

Tatyana Cilia

Head of Malta Operations & Managing Director, Prospera Europe

“Very very positive experience at IREX 2019. We met some investors and channel partners. The panel discussion was good too and the event is quite organized. Its a good concept of property and investment immigration services been combined together. I am pleased that we decided to participate here.”   


Thiru Vengadam

Vice President and Country Manager, Concorde EB-5 Advisors, LLC

“This is the first time we are participating  and I think it’s a great opportunity for us to be here. This is a great opportunity, great crowd here, we weren’t really expecting as many people and its not general crowd visiting, I think it’s a quality audience that you have brought in. Great Job!”  

Alexander V Berenstain

CEO, Vital Developers

“Experience was very good. We meet lot of people, potential customers, agents and direct customers. Its great.”  


Prashant Ajmera

Advocate & Indian Immigration Lawyer, Ajmera Law Firm

“A fantastic show. The quality of the people who has come to this show is fabulous, serious people, serious businessman, the turnout of the people who are coming to this show is great.”  

Varun Singh

Managing Director, Xiphias Immigration

“The experience is wonderful. We have not seen such kind of crowd where we have finished with all our inventories the first day itself. We got a variety of good enquiries. The quality and quantity of the crowd was amazing as well as the arrangements were fantastic.”   


Mohammed Asaria

Founder & Managing Director, Range Developments

“IREX has been a fantastic exhibition. It has far exceeded our expectations, there have been literally thousands of people here we have lost our voices by speaking to so many people and a fantastic conference at the same time. The platform is great for consumers because he has 30 booths he can visit and make an informed decision.”  

Pasi Marjamaki

Director of Sales & Marketing, Silversea House Co. Ltd.

“Its actually been much better than I was expecting so we are very happy. The show was mostly visited by investors and also some looking for holiday home which is good as well.”   


Hugo Pinto

Executive Golden Visa Consultant, IR Group

“The experience at IREX was very good since we received a lot of clients here looking for visas or investment. We are surprised to see the turnout, its way more than what we were expecting.”  

Mehmet Fatih Kara

CEO & Owner, Alterra Worldwide

“Its been a phenomenal experience at IREX 2019. We have received alot of attention from the visitors and its been extremely busy. We are particularly very happy with how efficient the organization of the event is and how well the organizers have designed everything for our comfort and it’s the right platform for direct communication with the client.”  


Matt Mahaney

Chief Legal Officer and Managing Director, PCEG, Invest America

"Its been a great event, we have had really good set of potential investors that visited our booth asking great questions. The panel discussion has been the best so far amongst all conferences we have attended. Its been a great experience for all of us. I think its great that IREX 2019 brings in so many countries so that people have many options to explore under one roof. Definitely we will be here again."

Matt Hogan

Vice President of Project Development, CMB Regional Centers

“It has far way exceeded our expectations. We had unbelievable traffic at our booth, very high quality people coming around asking great questions. Its been fantastic.”  


Mark Davies

Global Managing Partner and Founder, Davies & Associates

“Its been great I have come before and I think this year it is specially good.”   

Madonna Lomidze

Sales manager, Chr. Athanasiou Constructions & Developments

“It has been a great experience visiting New Delhi and IREX. It was really busy throughout making a lot of contacts with investors and agents and different industry professionals. We have had a lot of opportunities with Indians so definitely it was great for us.”   


Jonathan Santiago

Vice President, Magic Developments

“The experience has been wonderful. We meet several serious buyers. Thank you so much for the opportunity.”   

Hassan Ahmed

Manager of Sales, Arabic Region, V2 Developments

“It was very busy and experience is nice the event exceeds our expectations and we are very happy. Definitely will be participating again at IREX show next year.”   


George Chrysochos

Director, Cyfield Group of Companies

“This is the first time at IREX and we are very happy. We have been very busy and we are very happy with the response and the exhibition. The timing of the show is right and we will be here again next year.”  

Gary Gulati

L.R.E.A & Auctioneer, Waratah Estate Agents, Geocon Group

“We had underestimated the amount of footfall that has actually come in at IREX. The footfall has been amazing, the number of genuine investors, the quality of crowd we received was unexpected. We actually are overwhelmed by the response.”   


Craig Hutchins

Sales Manager, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City, District One

“The event is amazing. IREX is an incredible platform to meet potential investors and it is a pleasure for us to come to India, be a part of IREX and connect with channel partners.”  

Christos Vardikos

Managing Partner, Vardikos & Vardikos

“This is my first time that I come to your venue and I find it very interesting. There was a lot of people, a lot of interest for all the markets. Very well organized.”   


Ashutosh Mittal

India Managing Director, American Lending Center

“It’s a great experience at IREX 2019. We had an excellent gathering, I am glad with the kind of response we are getting from the crowd. We see lot of people with serious intentions of moving abroad and they are talking real and making business sense so I think its great opportunity and looking at the quality of crowd, it’s a great event so far.”  

Amir Khawaja

Director & Officer in Effective Control, Gambit Property

“I attend IREX last year and it was a very good experience but this year the event is bigger and the quality of crowd is even better than last year. Very happy to participate again.”   


Karim Nasser

Senior Officer-Marketing & Communication, Meraas, Dubai

“It's the first time we are here in India in New Delhi. it’s a great experience. It’s a good exhibition where we meet a lot of investors, people they are happy to be a part of Dubai's plan for the future. We see a potential from Indians in Dubai and hopefully whatever connection we have created it will bring benefit.”   

Mukarram Khaliq

Relationship Manager, Tiger Properties, Dubai

“I was not expecting the kind of experience what you gonna have here and plus the response what you get from the people from Delhi so it was really quite an amazing experience. The people actually are too keen about moving to a different country plus they are talking about Dubai property.”  


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